Saturday, 5 April 2014

Help children find happiness

Having read Leoarna's excellent post in her blog "not different but interesting", I felt this poem complemented her observations and feelings but hopefully there is a little light shining in the last verse.

We all need to help children find a way to their own happiness  This is what I try to do in my book "Ten Ways to Happiness"
- Mr Smile

Helping to make a better World

I’m no good at football
They’ll never pick me
Can’t run or jump or kick or throw
I’m no good at PE.

I’m no good at science
Don’t know a lot you know
I’ll never be a professor
And dress in a white coat.

I’m not good at literacy
Can’t write it down on paper
You know I’d really love to
But I’d never make an author.

I’m no good at DT
Can’t make things with these hands
Or think of what I want to build
No good at making plans.

And I’m no good at maths
Can’t add, subtract, divide
Can’t stop the numbers swimming
Before my very eyes.

I’m no good at anything
No I’m no good at all
I don’t know why I bother
Coming to this school.

But no – look you’re forgetting
None of these things matter
What really counts is how you
Make this world a little better.
(C) 2013 David J. Mason from "I know about the Staff Room"

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